Sweat With Kayla is the current trend of the fitness community. Most people want to take their time and exercise at home. And for these needs, you’ll require the right guide. Apps for workouts like this has become the most common choice of many. The Sweat app, in particular, is something that many individuals want to try out because it’s introduced by the breakout fitness trainer Kayla Itsines. The previous ebook she released became a big hit for its effectiveness.

Let this basic Sweat With Kayla Review help you in figuring out if it’s the best choice and if it’s also a worthy investment at this blog.

BBG ebook program users

The perfect app for beginners and novice users

The Bikini Body Guide ebook is already incorporated inro the app. You can start from zero. You can use it as if you’re using the ebook guide since everything is already in there. Apart from the exercise guide, it also contains a meal guide you can follow. Proper exercise won’t make up for bad diet. If you’re wondering why you’re not seeing any type of progress, it’s because you’re not eating right. The app is comprehensive this way.

Not-so-perfect for the expert BBG users

A lot of expert BBG ebook program users are actually disappointed with the new app. Those who have experienced the program find it lackluster as it offers nothing new. The app is considered as the new packaging for the previous ebook. The only difference is you’re using something more interactive and easy-to-follow. There’s also an additional 3.0 version that’s supposed to amp up the whole routine. But the users haven’t observed that much difference.

Another thing that they’re disappointed with is the fact that it’s crazy expensive. The 3-month subscription is equivalent to the cost of the whole program in ebook version. Of course, you have the choice of canceling your subscription if you’re not satisfied. A refund is guaranteed. But others have yet to receive theirs after they canceled.

If you ever decide to cancel, the progress and the guides you’ve downloaded will all be lost. Because of the fewer changes, it’s become quite disappointing for others.


It depends on the preference and the situation of the users. If you’re new, this is considered the perfect app choice for you. And because it’s effective, you’ll surely see its worth. But those who have been following Kayla and are using her ebook guide will find it a little bit disappointing.

Others want comprehensive information regarding the app and they also want to know about the other BBG ebook guides. If that’s the case, you can find everything needed at this blog.