• The Ultimate Way to Pitch Investors

Are you an entrepreneur? If you’re looking for the ways to pitch investors, you’re at the right place.

The way you pitch your idea matters – it’s theonly way that could get your business to soar or sink. Out of 100 investments made by investors, only 10-12 will make it big. This is the thumb rule for investors.

Going further, for every 1,000 pitches heard by investors, only 100 are funded.  It’s not tough to beat the business’ statistics and get investment, but pitchyour idea in an effective way.

Follow the timing pointers

No matter how brilliant your idea is, you need to be concise while pitching investors. Time is a criticalfactor, so make sure you use it effectively. Follow pointers because the less time you take,the more effective your pitch will be.

If you say that you need 10 minutes to pitch your product, try to complete it at least a minute earlier. This will have a good impact on your investors. It’s a possibility that you might get only 10 minutes of their time;make sure you wrap it up as soon as possible.

If you’re pitching using slides, don’t take more than 2 minutes on each slide. If your pitch is concise and clear, and if the investors are interested, they will discuss it further.

The Ultimate Way to Pitch Investors

Turn your pitch into an interesting and engaging story

It’s been scientifically proven that if you want to capture the attention of your listeners, storytelling could be an outstanding ploy to make your pitch unforgettable.

In this fast-paced world, everyone wants to keep things short and simple. Spreadsheets and graphs are no longer in trend; instead, everyone loves a summarized story, even the investors. Tell the right story to grabtheir attention and the funding will follow.

Keep your eye on the sparrow

Time is valuable for everyone, including investors. You need to be laser-focused on your pitch’s components and important points. Respecting time will assure them that you’ll treat your funding responsibly.

Define your product with precision

A concise pitch is always better than a lengthy explanation. It’s important to explain about your business with precision, including the idea, model, and plan. Investors don’t care about your product; what they care about is the money they will earn by investing in your product.

Introduce your product’s uniqueness

If you don’t have anything unique in your business, prefer not to go for such meetings. Try to add something unique to it. What actually matters is how you’re different from your competitors.

Identify your target audience

When you’re selling a product, you must recognize your target audience. There are a number of psychographic and demographic ways you can use to introduce potential customers to investors.

Generate and explain your revenue model

The motive of investors in your business is to make huge returns. The only thing they want to learn is your revenue model, which means, how you’ll generate revenue.

By pitching your business idea, your motive should be to make investors fund your business. Easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. You’ve to make it possible by giving an irresistible pitch.