Web users are getting savvier by the day, and with this thought comes a tougher challenge ahead of business owners everywhere. Ad blocking software continues to block potential ad revenue by the year, and relying solely on click-through rates to gauge the success of a marketing initiative doesn’t guarantee positive results.

Now that online ads are no longer the primary directive for businesses, how can brands acquire new customers while retaining existing clients? If content is king, then the entirety of content marketing is the drawbridge to success.

Understanding Content Marketing

Content marketing, in simple terms, is generating and distributing content across different online platforms to target audiences. There is a common misconception about content marketing and general advertising as the latter can be blatant publicity stunts whereas the former gives potential customers information on the different benefits acquired by using a particular product or service.

If the reader of the content doesn’t go through with a purchase, then, at the very least, there’s a Facebook Like or a Twitter Retweet in store for the post, and that is already a small success for the business as it grants more exposure for the brand and its offerings.

Business tips

Unlike the standard blog posts, content marketing can come in different forms, which include the following:

White papers






Businesses can opt to do all the content marketing in-house, but that might create some problems, especially if the firm is relatively new. The thing about this particular marketing strategy is that you don’t have to produce all the content by yourself as you can curate content from other sources as well. Businesses can also mix and match their content offerings to always give their readers and viewers something new to expect.

Potential Benefits of Content Marketing

Business tips are scattered across the commercial world, and content marketing should play a vital role for every marketing stage. When done right, content marketing can incur the following benefits to your company:

  • Increased Brand Awareness

One of the main differences between content marketing and blatant advertising is the former is a non-invasive approach to put your brand out into the world. Some people might not have heard about your company or what you offer, but giving potential customers informative content can help pique interests.

  • Drive Traffic to the Website or Social Media Page

Increasing brand awareness helps bring potential customers to your site. While giving attention to the number of visitors is still a good thing, the quality should be given more importance. For instance, if you publish an infographic and it goes viral, visitors will try to take a sneak peek at your website, but that’s just about the only thing they’re going to do. What you want are website visitors that have the potential of becoming customers.

  • Collect Marketing Data

Being in business means taking risks. You need to see what does and doesn’t work for the good of the company. Content marketing can help gauge what your targeted markets are after so you can slowly but surely deal with giving the right products or services that can make first-time visitors into long term clients.

  • Improved SEO

Content marketing isn’t just about creating random articles while hoping readers will get to click and read through the entire piece. It’s also about pleasing search engines so that the post or even the business’ website can take a top spot in search results with a particular keyword. People only tend to browse through the first few pages of search results before moving towards other search terms or quitting entirely. Keep this idea in mind the next time you try and create content.