November 29, 2017

The whole process of the examination from beginning to the end is done on the computer. Online examination helps in easy coordination, management and administration of the exams especially when it is conducted for a large number to students. One software can manage all the parts of the examination from creating the exam till the publishing of the results.

Needless to say, prepare well for the exam. Refer old question papers to know the pattern of questions asked. Before the exam, you should spend more time reading online, if you are not a regular online person. Your eyes should get accustomed to the computer. Most of the online exams are two to three hours long and gazing continuously on the monitor for this long can be very straining for your eyes. Keep checking on the exam updates regularly to keep a track on any last minute changes in the exam.

Tips while appearing for the exam

You should know the basics of the computer. Try to crack some of the other online exams series before your actual exam in order to get used to the format. Read the questions carefully before answering. Save your answer after attempting every question in case of any technical problem, the answers you have saved can be retrieved or else you might have to retake the exam. Contact your instructor if you accidently quit from the exam or in case of any technical glitch, keep calm and do not panic. Read all the exam instructions carefully before the start of the exam. Always wait till the page is fully loaded when answering to the questions. You should plan beforehand as to how to answer the questions and in the stipulated time. Finish the exam before the allotted time, so that you have extra time to check all your answers. You can change your answers if need be.

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is very apt in this context. The more you practice online exams, the more chances are there for you to crack it. Online school examinations will really gear up the students to attempt all the online competitive exams. All the Best!!