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No matter what kind of entertainment enters our life with technology advancement, watching movies will always be a u pastime for many. It can be safely assumed that everybody likes to watch movies, though their preferred genres may vary.

online movie rentals

The process of movie making and movie watching has changed considerably since times.  Earlier, one had to compulsorily go to a distant theatre to watch movies. These small set ups neither had good seating facility nor viewing convenience. As time advanced, so did technology. Theatres doo now geared up to meet the new technology wave of movies. Black and white films now were color films. That even prompted people’s interest in the sartorial choices of movie stars. Then came CDs and television. Now you could watch movies at your home itself. But then you had to wait for new films as latest release got CD and TV release only after months or so. CDs gave way to DVDs, and picture and sound quality too increased substantially. Then with advanced and modern home theatre system available, people could convert their home into a mini theatre. Of course, human beings are not satisfied with any type of convenience. They constantly try to bring in something better than the last into their life. That’s how the online revolution began. Of course, how could movies that adapted every single modern technology, far behind. Thus, now you could watch all kinds of movies online.

Online Movie Rentals from YouTube: In early 2010 YouTube initiated offering online movie rentals.  But even now, the rental library is poorly limited; they might increase soon in quantity and quality.  Online movie rentals from YouTube is priced somewhere between $1.99 and $3.99, and are available for forty eight hours after rental. So, what are you waiting for? Get the unlimited fun of watching movies online, anytime, anywhere!