It might be an important day in your life and don’t want to take any risk that ruins your much awaited day. When you have plans to execute the meeting well, make sure you don’t lack in the basic errors. Imagine when everything goes well and they don’t get impressed by your dressing sense, so never give a chance to complain. Grab the chance of appreciation and leave the best impression you can do.

Try to find out what fits you well and looks great on you, because it determines your behavior. You’ll never be called well-dressed if you continue to wear the clothes that don’t fit you properly. Clothes that fit your body will defiantly complement the body and ill-fit clothes draw attention that might give you a disordered look.

When you wear correct clothes that give a great look for your body and your posture appears confident. Here’s a list of tips to avoid that mistakes while styling:

Always wear clothes that fit your body

Make sure you have the clothes that fit the body and don’t buy the clothes in a smaller size than your regular size. When you wear proper fit clothes, they are the best things to drape your body without any billowing and stretching. They generally accentuate the frame of lines to your body.

A checklist to evaluate the items for your wardrobe

1.     Tees

When you wear t-shirts, make sure you don’t expose your belly and buy a t-shirt where the shoulder seams will rest on the shoulder edge. It won’t give a sophisticated look if the shoulder seams are on top or over your shoulders.

A checklist to evaluate the items for your wardrobe

2.     Chemises

Check the shoulder seams the similar way how you do with the t-shirts. If you try a shirt on you, make sure the shirt cuffs ends at the dimple of the wrist. When you tuck your shirt in, there shouldn’t be any fabric stretching around your chest or the shirt buttons, and also make sure there’s no excessive billowing around your waist.

3.     Denims

Jeans or trousers always said to be the best legwear because they give great comfort around your waist. Make sure your pant doesn’t fall down when you’re not supported by a belt, but the pant shouldn’t pinch your waist.

Take few points into consideration when you try a new pant, like the front part of your pant leg should have a slight break because it meets the shoes. The back part of the pant leg should be reaching the shoe’s sole and the pant fabric shouldn’t puddle.

4.     Coats and jackets

Check for the jacket that fits you properly on your shoulders and chest because they are extremely tough to alter. Your collar should be flat against the front panels and the buttons should be close to your stomach when you wear. The shoulder seams should rest at your corner shoulder and make sure the sleeves doesn’t indent below the seam.

Your shirt cuffs should extend at least quarter to half an inch from your jacket’s sleeves. Make sure your jacket is not showing an X-shaped stretched mark when your lock the top button.

Take action to reset your wardrobe

If your wardrobe is filled with a lot of clothes, try them and look yourself in a mirror. Keep the clothes that look good on you, and think to recycle them that give your body a stunning frame. However, there are few clothes might be special because you’re emotionally connected to it, but make sure you preserve it well.

Don’t make excuse to wear the same ill-fit clothes, try to find clothes that are designed for your body and avoid wardrobe malfunction.