November 10, 2017

In Korea, gaming is considered as a social and favourite pastime activity. It is well known for its culture of online gaming and globally Korea has the largest gaming communities. These made Korea stand in fifth place globally and third place in Asia Pacific region gaming markets.

Koreans dream of working as a “Pro gamers” which can provide them with an earning while they play the games. Most of the “Pro gamers” are observed to be from Korea in the major Gaming markets.

World’s best gaming events like “G-star” are organised in Korea and has been attracting the people all around the world. Most of the e-gaming events happen in Korea where gamers celebrate all over the world.

Online games or e-games aren’t possible without superfast internet connectivity available to the households. Especially in Korea, one can find that it has the sophisticated fibre-optic infrastructure and one of the world’s most wired society.

Per the survey, citizens of Korea had two major reasons for gaming is “for fun” and “reduce stress”. Since gaming is a social activity, every Korean likes to play outside the house and joins the e-gaming groups termed as “PC bangs”. In these PC bangs, 70% of them are youth.

There are multiple giants offering various gaming consoles from like Microsoft Xbox, Sony and so on but Korean market still has a demand for PC console games in the market which they prefer over other consoles for e-games.

With gaming, one of the major issue in this culture is addiction towards e-games. It is stated as one of the major issues affecting the Korean society (along with gambling, alcoholism, drugs). So, analysts explain the importance of sensitising this in schools among the students about its limited usage and effects of addiction, while it is important to educate the parents as well about the gaming culture and its effects in the long-term.