• Advantages of hiring a luxury portable toilet

Who doesn’t love to get a VIP treatment and when it comes at the least expected time and place, it’s really satisfying. Having a luxury toilet in the least expected place is also like that. Luxury portable toilets are a step ahead of the standard range. Luxury toilets can be simple with minimum facilities or more sophisticated luxury trailers. They are many advantages of having a mobile luxury toilet especially when the event is of corporate nature. The main advantages of opting for portable toilets rental​ are listed below:

  • Cost effective: This has to be the first advantage. Events are mainly temporary and it is always preferable to hire a luxury toilet onrent which comes at a less price than purchasing them.
  • Portability: It’s very difficult to provide the luxuries of home rest room, if the event is organized in a remote area. Being available through trucks and trailers these can be placed anywhere.
  • Spacious: They are far more spacious then the standard ones and comes with various facilities.
  • Flushable toilets: With a conventional plumbing system the portable toilets rental ​give the comfort of home toilets. It provides fresh water with each flush leaving it clean for a new visitor.
  • Hand washing facility: it is a must part of any restroom. Many of the luxury portable restrooms come with hot and cold water sinks for effective hand washing. Few toilets also come with motion induced faucets, granite counter tops and other decors giving a star hotel feel besides the basic things.
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  • Ventilation and odour control: luxury portable toilets are equipped with waste water tanks, modern plumbing and high efficiency exhaust systems to expel odours quickly leaving the restroom as fresh as new.
  • Well lighted interiors with climate control facilities: With proper strategically placed lighting facilities these toilets creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Proper lighting facilities also make it comfortable for use in the evenings. Besides many luxury restrooms comes with air condition facilities to beat the outdoor climatic extremities.
  • Line control: Most luxury restrooms come with multiple stalls, separate entry and exit doors for easy accessibility thus reducing the waiting time.
  • Family friendly: it is much above a cramped standard restroom which can be an exhausting experience when accompanied with children. These are quiet spacious and can come with baby changing space.

The amount of luxuries can vary depending on the budget but surely it will make the guests appreciate the arrangements, so next time when you plan organizing an event, impress your guests with the portable toilet facilities and giving your events feel of completeness. Just to be on the safe side, it is better to be prepared to meet all eventualities and organize accessible toilets for this segment of guests.