• Repair Your Furnace

Winter is enough to make our body freeze because the furnace is dying or cannot produce enough heat. That means we have to take care of and clean the furnace so that the furnace can work normally again. Some of the basic maintenance tasks you can do are to make sure that your natural gas burner stays running normally throughout the winter. For this maintenance, you can take a short time of less than three hours. In addition, you do not need to ask for furnace service so you can save your expenses. In order to take care of your furnace, you simply provide some simple equipment such as screwdrivers, pliers, and others. Thus, you can do a furnace cleaning calgary without being burdened by very expensive fees.

furnace repairing

How to Repair Your Furnace?

Some people who just have a furnace may want to know how to fix their furnace if their furnace has been damaged or not running normally. Here are some ways you can apply if you want a furnace cleaning calgary or furnace repairing. These ways are:

Open the combustion behind the chamber door: when opening the door, make sure the power is off, so you are safe to hold the device inside.

Check the fire burner that is inside: turn on the switch and activate the burner by turning on your thermostat. Make sure the fire is blue and do not blow the flame because this can harm you.

Vacuum burner: turn off the power switch again and turn off the gas by giving the valve a quarter turn. Vacuum burner and base of furnace. This vacuum aims to suck the dust that causes the furnace not working optimally.

Remove the screw that holds the blower and remove the blower to clean it.

Use a straw to clean the pilot.