In case, a person is suffering heavy stomach pain, doctor would be testing with many latest machinery based tests. He finds the patient gets stomach pain due to particular reason. He informs his family that he has to do an operation to clear his problem. Once operation date is fixed, he would be given a drug for not realizing any pain. This drug is continued for the patients even after the operation for ten to fifteen days. Doctor is informing the patient not to take the same drug, anymore. But the patient is enjoying kick from the drug. He is continuing the drug and buying that drug for entire month. Now the patient is addicted to this drug, without this drug he could not sleep well. His family members are calling the doctor, and informing patient is unable to stop his drug and he is using regularly.  Now the doctor is recommending the patient to de-addiction center. Once he is admitted, there would be ninety days treatment. The treatment would cover entire things to control the mind for not using the drug anymore. Here the treatment is also available for alcohol permanent drinkers, cannabis users and other drug users. All these people are addicted to particular product which is not being consumed more. Alcohol could be consumed less in quantity.

All doctors are informing to take Drug Addiction Treatment. Alcohol just thirty ml for the day is good enough to keep the body in good condition. At the same time, consuming more alcohol would be damaging the liver. Even heart attack is possible for more alcohol consumers. This is the reason de-addiction centers are working hard to treat a patient in ninety days program. During these days, patients would be asked to attend yoga class, and physical exercises, and these addicted people would be offered healthy tablets to stay in strong health condition. Once of the ninety days treatment many people recover from their addiction to any product as alcohol, marijuana and other medical tablets. This kind of treatment is only for the mind, not for the physical. The tuned brain would not be interested to consume any product. After the treatment a patient would be doing all his work normally without taking the drug, this is the specialty of this treatment. Many people are already cured and they are not going back to their old habits, all this advantages are with the above treatment.