Meditation has the potential to give you so much that creates a deep transformation in one’s life. It is the most priceless activity in one’s life. One can tap in the peace of mind and also other benefits of it.

Advantages of Meditation

Advantages of Meditation:

Meditation is useful in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It also relieves us from certain pain in our body part as it resembles in one or the other way with yoga. Here is the meditation guide.

The key benefits of doing this meditation helps in improving good blood circulation, lessens increase in heart beat rate, it even reduces your over curiosity levels and mostly you can relax deeply. So you have to concentrate well on your breath and also be attentive on your body movements. Here focus on especially how your entire body reacts while you are concentrating on your breathe.

Being a beginner, you are allowed to start initially for a period of 2 to 3minutes and you can resume it for more periods of time intervals.

When you are in the company of likeminded people while learning through the meditation guide, one is more positive and optimist.

Guided mediations can be done daily, weekly or monthly. Each meditation is for 10-30 minutes. It can be done over the phone or listening to the video on a laptop or tablet. Every week a new meditation on Buddha practices is released that includes various topics like compassion, concentration, forgiveness etc.  It starts from the beginner’s level and as the student progresses the level and the audio duration goes up. Usually the videos are of 15-30 minutes.

One mind dharma’s meditation guide CD’s are recorded by trained teachers in California. There are many online courses to help you with every aspect of your life. There are different foundation levels of Buddhist teachings and meditation practices.  The main aim of this organization is to encourage people to practice mindfulness in their lives. It is important to go slowly and adopt new methods as and when one gets ready. It is beneficial to stick to those methods which one is comfortable with. Through patience and regular practice one can tap in the spiritual side and find immense peace and happiness within themselves.