If you are in the field of construction industry, you must be aware of the role of every tools and supplies. Nuts and washers are two important small parts in this industry. These are used for ensuring the screw is in the place. Machines which are frequently exploded to vibration need this fender washer. Without these two small components the screw will not be on its place and will come off and the machine will break apart. This may cause heavy damages and sometimes serious injuries.

steel washer

Mostly the nuts are hexagonal in shape, these nuts are the mostly common types and used for many general purpose.  This fastener has a hole in the center and the washer is also a other type of fastener, which you can find in many different size and shape. The washer is similar to nut which acts as a fastener and acts as a spacer. Steel and plastic washers are the most used type by many people. When compared to the plastic washer the steel washer is durable.

Mostly the construction industry needs a right kind of nuts and washers for its use. So before you are going to buy one, it is better to search and know some of the different facts about different nuts and washers. Among many which type will be helpful for you? Which will be durable? Which is easy to install? Which type is cost effective? Which type of nut or washer will be suitable for your need? Like this there are plenty of factors which you have to consider before buying one. Make sure that you have done enough research about these small components before entering into the field of construction. Knowing such things will greatly help you to repair and solve the issue easily and quickly.