If you are the one who want to hit the best this year, then you need the best BBCOR bats 2018. There are couples of things that you need to keep in mind while making the selection of bat. The best one comes with the BBCOR stamp pick up right weight and length and decide which of the bat material you want as hybrid, composite or alloy. First and foremost, the bat that you purchase must meet the BBCOR standards and have stamp of the approved BBCOR on bat.  They are in between the length of the 31 & 34 inches and weight cannot be less than minus three ounces from length.

BBCOR stamp

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So if you are the one who is willing to buy bat, that is 32 inches, then it should be of 29 ounces or others. The barrel cannot exceed two and 5/8inches. If the bat meets all such standards, it will get stamp above. Basically, it also comes down to weight, height and what you are comfortable with. The stronger and taller players must go for the heavier or longer bats, while the contact or shorter hitters can go for shorter or the lighter ones. These BBCOR bats 2018 comes on the list in all weight and length and one can get all options in world.

Much balanced

One can also find the BBCOR bats 2018 in composite form which tend to be higher performing and comes with large sweet spots. They also have painful stings on the miss hit balls and tend to be much balanced. The alloy bats also have the small sweet spots than the composite one. one can also go for the hybrid ones which comes with both composite and alloy materials. They are of high quality and can be purchased by all.