• Helping you manage your Hotels with a Hotel Management Software

Having a business can be so stressful especially if your business is a hotel where you need to make sure that everything is in its place. You have many branches that you have to make sure nothing is out of place and everything is being taken care of.

Employees that are in charge are sometimes not enough because human error is natural. That is why hotels nowadays have what we call hotel management software by Anand Systems Inc. They are trusted hotel/motel management software and they have many things to offer to you. This is what helps most hotels in order to keep track of their different departments and employees. From housekeeping to the front office to the bar/dining area. What is great about this is that they have a two-way interface.

Rate Synchronization

ASI CRS provide real time rate synchronization directly from PMS. You can control all major channels rate directly from ASI FrontDesk PMS. Each major OTA / IDS / Wholesalers we assign unique rate code. Most of the time all rate codes are directly derived from RACK rate. We support all type of $ discount as well as % discount on rate derivation.

We also ensure you will not have published rate parity across the sites and all your contract calculations will be automatically perform by ASI CRS.

You can adjust your rates on daily bases to increase or decrease it based on occupancy level with single click operation.

ASI CRS also support special provision for Run Of House Inventory & Rates to sell all remaining rooms before your cut-off time.

We provide maximum 5 minute automatic rate update commitment and again this is lowest time as per industries standard. We also support immediate rate update policy

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Inventory Synchronization

Your inventory in PMS get automatically synchronizes with OTAs and your OTAs will always have real time availability status. This will eliminate your overbooking concern and you can sell your last available rooms. At any given time you can restrict your sell inventory directly from ASI FrontDesk PMS.

What is ASI Frontdesk PMS?

A perfect software solution for hospitality industry, this comprehensive software suite comes integrated with modules for many aspects of hotel management. Often referred as Property Management System in the hospitality industry, this special class of software is ideally suited for use at hotels, military guest houses, motels, resorts, inns, lodges, hostel, suites, ranch, apartments, medical centers and bed and breakfast operations. A few of the important modules that come built-in the PM Software are: Hotel Management Software, Hotel Reservation Software (Billing Software), Hotel PMS, Hotel Reception Software and Hotel accounting software. All the modules and programs in this lodging software are closely incorporated and come at no additional cost.

Reservation Download

All reservations from all OTAs / IDS / Wholesalers get automatically download directly into ASI FrontDesk PMS. We don’t charge any pass-through free or any commission from any OTA / IDS / Wholesalers. Reservations are completely free from our side when it get download into ASI FrontDesk PMS. This is a huge cost saving for hotel owners.