Online dating has gained massive popularity ever since chat and social media took to the internet. Traditional or offline dating is just always there though but has massive drawbacks. Actually, both have their pros and cons like so many things and we just have to look and discern for ourselves what really is best for us and our situation. Technology is on the side of online dating, what with gimmicky apps, chat apps, free subscriptions and the like. True and genuine love, however, can happen anywhere and sometimes right under our noses. The difference is that when you are actively on “the hunt”, it becomes a numbers game.

offline dating

“The Hunt”

     If you are one of those who are actively seeking out a partner, going online versus the traditional way of going to local pubs or seeking out eligible partners in your circle may leave you with a very limited or no choice at all. This is where the power and the reach of the internet come into play. Once you go online and join a platform, you have access to millions of singles in one place this just beats hunting in one’s own backyard, so to speak. There are also advantages to meeting people right away in the form of arranged dates by a friend and in your social circle, for one you can identify if you “click” right away. This is as in right on the first meeting you can tell if guys can be in a relationship. There would be no need to investigate anyone as they probably live nearby or you have common friends that can verify anything. When you meet face to face it is so much harder for people to lie and therefore safe from scams and other inherent dangers from being online.


     Traditional dating has this one huge drawback that overshadows its benefits. When you are looking for that special someone it will not be beneficial if you are limited in the number of your choices by your locality. Working all day does not help any at all. Additionally, it takes more time and effort just to go on a single date and for most working people that are just not practical nor possible to do at all.

The Good News

     Luckily, no one forbid you or forced you to do just one. You can combine the best of both worlds to find that special someone and finally get that happy ending you want. Having said that you can do both, I can see now that you feel a whole lot better!