What do you think when you hear the word paper plane?

 Remember when you were a kid and you used to do all kinds of different planes? The badly made planes that you and your friends were doing with paper clips, do you know the guy that never worked so well?

Maybe you have better memories of paper planes than when I was a kid, my planes never went as planned. However, today, it seems that making paper airplanes is no longer just for children, in fact, many adults have transformed this ancient tradition into a beautiful art form and have made airplanes that take a lot of time and work.

Now, with respect to paper airplanes, there are many different varieties, however, with this it is said that there are some more basic planes that people like to start with for a variety of different reasons. These aircraft are often easy paper airplane to create and take only a short time. Once they finish, they look great and, in general, they can fly quite well, provided they are done correctly. These more basic planes also come with some more basic and simple names, these are some of the following names: stealth, dart, moth, arrow and field. There are many others that can be easily done in seconds that look a lot like the planes we just mentioned.

These planes are very popular because almost anyone can do them at any age

These plans are usually made with a larger fold in the middle in which you take a whole sheet of paper and fold it in half, then there are other folds in the whole plane that help create a unique look that can still float. air The best thing about making paper airplanes is that you can do almost anything you want to create an original and unique design. You can easily track all the basic planes that are made of paper and once you have all those under control, you can move to more complex planes, planes that take longer. Once you move to more complex plans, you can start creating your own styles.


At this point, you already know more or less what is happening and what is not, so take your time and be creative. All you need to do is use your imagination and put your own style, once this is done, just take the time to give it a more creative name and then test it to make sure it can fly.